About Ayala Lev

Ayala was born in Israel and moved to the UK in 1993 where she started her training in Kathak with Sushmita Ghosh.

Ayala is a dedicated artist and passionate about Kathak and since her arrival to Israel (2009) she strives to promote and encourage appreciation for it in Israel.

About Kathak Indian Dance

Kathak is an ancient form of dance form North India. It has developed with the influence of various cultures that were existing in India throughout the centuries.
Kathak is famous for its intricate foot work, fast spins and mesmerising facial expressions.


Kathak Performances
The Kathak dancer entertains and educates the spectators with the stories of Gods and deities as well as building abstract narratives through movements while improvising with and around rhythmic cycles.

Ayala is committed to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Kathak by creating an entertaining and engaging experience of this ancient and beautiful art form through performances and educational work.


Learning Kathak
Ayala’s Kathak classes are designed to create the necessary physical and intellectual infrastructure and to offer the best guidance possible for the student who embarks on the journey of becoming a Kathak dancer.